The next big thing voor WordPress is bekend. Het heet Gutenberg en Houke vertelde ons er tijdens zijn innotalk het fijne van (pdf).

De volgende twee gerelateerde posts zijn tevens het lezen waard.

We called it Gutenberg for a reason
WordPress’s growth is impressive (28.5% and counting) but it’s not limitless — at least not in its current state. We have challenges (user frustrations with publishing and customizing, competition from site builders like Squarespace and Wix) and opportunities (the 157 million small businesses without sites, aka the next big market we should be serving). It’s time for WordPress’ next big thing, the thing that helps us deal with our challenges and opportunities. The thing that changes the world.

Gutenberg, or the Ship of Theseus
Gutenberg is initially focused on the post editor but the overarching plan is that it becomes the basis for general editing and customization in WordPress. There are features already in progress that expand beyond the content of the post. 

We houden de ontwikkelingen rondom Gutenberg nauwlettend in de gaten.