The Ivaldi Reading List – november 2018

Hierbij een overzicht van de artikelen uit The Ivaldi Reading List van november 2018. Wil je wekelijks op de hoogte blijven van de Ivaldi Reading List? Schrijf je dan in via:

Implementing a variable font with fallback web fonts
With variable fonts, more typographic richness and influence is coming to the web and this at a relatively low file size. You want to benefit from that in your next web project, but still, you don’t want to bet everything on this new technique? This article will show you how to integrate a variable font in your website and use classic web fonts as a fallback.

Uohzxela/clean-code-ruby: ? Clean Code concepts adapted for Ruby
? Clean Code concepts adapted for Ruby. Contribute to uohzxela/clean-code-ruby development by creating an account on GitHub. Setting the text color to a gradient with CSS background-clip: text
Autoprefixer 9.1 has added support for the CSS background-clip: text value, which means that you can now use this feature without worrying about vendor prefixes (it’s supported in all modern browsers).

Custom File Input Styling
If you’re interested in Webkit/Blink/Chrome specific styling, there is a proprietary pseudo element to hide, and then use an also non-standard psudeo-on-an-input.

Making Sense of React Hooks – Dan Abramov
Hooks apply the React philosophy (explicit data flow and composition) inside a component, rather than just between the components. That’s why I feel that Hooks are a natural fit for the React component model.

Chromium Blog: PageSpeed Insights, now powered by Lighthouse
We’re happy to announce that Pagespeed Insights (PSI) now uses Lighthouse
As its analysis engine. This allows developers to get the same performance audits and recommendations everywhere: on the web, from the command line, and in Chrome DevTools.

Building Your Color Palette
You can’t build anything with five hex codes. To build something real, you need a much more comprehensive set of colors to choose from.

Image Placeholder for your development environment
Some time ago I was working together with Paweł on one of our clients web application. We used copy of products catalog coming from production server on our development machines. What we were lacking were product photos, causing application layout to look poorly and making any css job hard. We tried to find a smart solution for that case.

Vim in the Future – Emily St*
There is something of a tradition of programmers writing posts about Vim. Many proselytize, and others are narratives of discovery. What I want to contribute to the conversation about Vim, in this late year of 2018, is what role it still plays in a world that is technologically rushing by. I’m going to tell you more about Vim, why I use it, and how I use it, so that I can say why it might still be worthwhile looking at—or not.

Compress and compare images with different codecs, right in your browser

Why we use Ruby on Rails to build GitLab
Here’s our CEO on GitLab’s inception using Rails, and how challenges are being handled along the way.

Google launches Cloud Scheduler, a managed cron service
Google Cloud is getting a managed cron service for running batch jobs. Cloud Scheduler, as the new service is called, provides all the functionality of the kind of standard command-line cron service you probably love to hate, but with the reliability and ease of use of running a managed service in the cloud.

ACF | ACF 5.8 – Introducing ACF Blocks for Gutenberg
There has been a lot of excitement surrounding Gutenberg, the new block-based WordPress editing experience. One of its most compelling features is the ability for developers to create their own custom block types. This opens up an endless array of possibilities for customization. There’s just one little problem.

Netflix hack day project uses eye tracking to navigate its iOS app
Netflix’s hack days frequently produce fanciful results, but its latest might be key to making its streaming service more accessible.

ZEIT – Now 2.0
Introducing the next generation of our platform.

Design Tips
A collection of design tips that I’ve been working on with @adamwathan.

Making Sense of React Hooks – Dan Abramov
This week, Sophie Alpert and I presented the “Hooks” proposal at React Conf, followed by a deep dive from Ryan Florence:I strongly recommend to watch this opening keynote to see the problems we’re trying to solve with the Hooks proposal.

strftimer – A Ruby strftime generator
Strftimer is a Ruby-based stftime generator. It’s a useful way to generate your strftime directives from an example date or time.

Custom Image Slider
Wanted to experiment with this prototype of image slicing and combining the pieces together to create the full image in a slider.

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